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I am normally a very private person, but after a lot of thought I have decided that I want to share my story. My hope is that I might bring this real disease to light and maybe help just one person make better decisions and stay on top of their health. As most of you […]

03.2013  Anna Echols Diagnosed at 25 Anna was 25 and in her 1st year of marriage when she found a small, dark mole on her back.  She had never been to the dermatologist before, but decided to go get it checked it out. She was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma.  Among other things, this diagnosis […]

I am a redhead, green eyes, and very fair skin. Growing up I lived in upstate NY, and many of you know that summer is not a very long of a season. So I took full advantage, swimming everyday, riding bike, etc. anything from sun up to sun down that could be done outdoors I […]

04.2013  Beth Green My name is Beth, I am now 30 years old, and this is the story of my 13 year battle with Melanoma… As a child I literally grew up outside. My dad is a farmer and I loved to play softball. I participated in 4-H and also loved the outdoors. I am […]

03.2013 Cayce Burwell Cayce Burwell was 25 and engaged to be married. While trying on her wedding dress, she noticed a mole on her back. Not thinking much of it, she made an appointment and had the mole removed and biopsied. Two weeks later the dermatologist’s office called and said it was melanoma. In an […]

03.2013  Eileen Marie Nallen “Yesterday I underwent my first procedure to the remove a lesion of skin on my heel that was melanoma , followed by a bone shave biopsy of the heel bone. I cannot express enough the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. For those who know me for a while […]

Ellen Lail, Stage IV Melanoma Warrior and Awareness Advocate! Age 39 Hickory, NC I also don’t like to define myself by my disease but as who I REALLY am: I am the wife of Tim, mother of Brandon, stepmother to Dylan and Cierra, sister to Eric, and ‘mommy’ to two Standard Poodles, a King Charles […]

Hi.  My name is Jade and I am a melanoma survivor.  That’s something I never thought I’d say, but I’m pretty damn happy that I  get to.  My story begins when I was a teenager.  I LIVED in the sun! Hey, a tan makes you look better, right? Wrong.  Then, when I was 17 I […]

Jennifer Lemmo As a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors not using sunscreen on a regular basis. At a young age after a day at the pool I had my first severe sunburn which developed blisters and pits across my shoulders. When I became a teenager and even into my young adult life, […]

This is my story of melanoma. I am fair skinned and have 100+ moles on my body so I am at risk of melanoma.. Starting in my thirties I became more vigilant about protecting my skin and making regular appointments to see a dermatologist. I was not always so vigilant about my skin because I […]