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11-year-old Alyssa is a cancer survivor. It’s been just over two years since Alyssa was diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. In 2012, a small red mole on Alyssa’s arm was the start of her journey with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Although this type of cancer is still uncommon in children, […]

I would be more than willing to share my story. First though, I must say there are some roadblocks to my story. I know little about the technicalities of my diagnosis such as exact staging. (The doctors were reluctant to talk about that with a teenager.) I don’t have any pictures of me at that […]

I am normally a very private person, but after a lot of thought I have decided that I want to share my story. My hope is that I might bring this real disease to light and maybe help just one person make better decisions and stay on top of their health. As most of you […]

03.2013  Anna Echols Diagnosed at 25 Anna was 25 and in her 1st year of marriage when she found a small, dark mole on her back.  She had never been to the dermatologist before, but decided to go get it checked it out. She was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma.  Among other things, this diagnosis […]

When I was pregnant with Evan I noticed a mole on my right upper calf that kind of came out of nowhere. It was perfectly round and a reddish purple color. When it started it was about the size of a sucker stick. I mentioned it to my OB doc at one of my routine […]

I am a redhead, green eyes, and very fair skin. Growing up I lived in upstate NY, and many of you know that summer is not a very long of a season. So I took full advantage, swimming everyday, riding bike, etc. anything from sun up to sun down that could be done outdoors I […]

04.2013  Beth Green My name is Beth, I am now 30 years old, and this is the story of my 13 year battle with Melanoma… As a child I literally grew up outside. My dad is a farmer and I loved to play softball. I participated in 4-H and also loved the outdoors. I am […]

03.2013 Cayce Burwell Cayce Burwell was 25 and engaged to be married. While trying on her wedding dress, she noticed a mole on her back. Not thinking much of it, she made an appointment and had the mole removed and biopsied. Two weeks later the dermatologist’s office called and said it was melanoma. In an […]

My husband, who I lovingly call D, was diagnosed with stage IIIc around his 32nd birthday.  He is not a fair skinned man, and admitted to having a lot of sunburns as a child. When D and I began dating, I had told him about a mole on his back that, over time, grew, changed […]

My husband, David Berend has fought Melanoma for 16 years. It started on his nose and started growing and turned black, so I made an appointment. The doctor immediately took a biopsy and told him it was Melanoma. They had to cut ½ of his nose off and then shaped it the best they could. […]